Park Spa Hotel Sirius

Zahradní 3/407

360 01 Karlovy Vary

Tel.: +420 353 434 611

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There is an amazing place, where the past meets the future, where the memory of the glorious pages of history come up and its creators are comming by before our eyes.

Hotel «SIRIUS» is an island of old Karlovy Vary in the modern city, a jewel in a ring of hotels.

The history of the hotel dates back to the end of the XIX century. From its foundation to this day it proudly called as «SIRIUS».

Before the Second World War the hotel was known as an apartment house of german aristokrat, Adolf Pahtera-MANUFAKTURE OF IVORY BUTTONS.

Later, the czechoslovak socialist government has turned this house into a pension for the treatment of workers, which was due to its proximity to the hot springs. After the collapse of the socialist system under the law of restitution in 1993, pension has passed into private hands. With the preservation of historic image it was reconstructed in 1995-1998 and than as a hotel has already opened its hospitable doors.

If you will walk throught the hotel, then your eyes will open the living rooms of the former owners of the house.

In summer 2008 was opened a picturesque cafe-veranda «Chocolate» for friendly discussions and minutes of relaxation. Excellent taste food, warm friendly welcome, comfortable furniture, candlelight create an of an abstract from reality, atmosphere of carelessness and «lightness of being»...

Virtual tour

We offer to make a virtual introduction to our hotel. You can see our comfortable rooms, rich and healthy food in our restaurant. Look at the ultra-modern medical equipment and a variety of treatments at our spa. Enjoy your watching. We are waiting for you in the resort. Health can buy! Wealth is nothing without health!

Historical sight

What do you know about Karlovy Vary? It’s the famous “Becherovka”, and the unique mineral springs. Karlovy Vary has a rich history and diverse tradition of ancient city. You can virtually take a walk the streets of Karlovy Vary.


What to do with their free time? You can get a lot of new experiences by a variety of excursions. Karlovy Vary is at the centre of Europe, so you have ability travel to Paris, or Vienna, or Munich etc. Also we are pleased to offer visiting the many castles of the ancient Czech Republic.